Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. is a company focused on the development of high performance technical fibers and polymers utilizing spider genes which are inserted into silkworms. The company aims to create a transgenic variety of silkworms capable of spinning a new “super fiber” that is similar to natural spider silk, one of the strongest and most resilient fibers known.

While the production of a “super fiber” is Kraig Biocraft’s primary focus, the company is also considering the production of other unique proteins utilizing transgenic silkworms as a protein expression platform. It is thought that there is a large, viable market for these unique proteins in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, among others.

Kraig Biocraft has acquired the exclusive rights, in their field of use, to use the genetic sequences patented by the University of Wyoming and the genetic engineering technology developed by the University of Notre Dame. The company is also working in conjunction with leading genetic engineers at these universities in creating these unique fibers and proteins.

As part of the company’s intellectual property portfolio, Kraig Biocraft has the exclusive rights to use the patented spider silk gene sequences in silkworms within the US. The company’s intellectual property portfolio also includes a separate US provisional patent application regarding certain methodologies, genetic sequences, organic polymers and composites of fibers. The company expects their intellectual property portfolio to continue to grow over the coming years.

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