The Kremlin accused Hillary Clinton of making inappropriate remarks about Russia. A Kremlin spokesman said that the former U.S. secretary of state’s comment about Russia being one of the countries sponsoring hacking against the United States was “unfounded.”

Clinton, who is the leading Democratic candidate for president, named a number of countries sponsoring hacking “directly or indirectly.” She said that some countries were sponsoring hacking which posed a serious threat to the business and security of the United States. She named Russia as one of those countries.

The former New York senator also said that her country needed to be “much smarter” in dealing Russia. She said that there was no substitute for “constant engagement” while dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the accusation was “unfounded” and the statement “inappropriate.”  

“Hacking is an international problem and speaking of government sponsorship is a completely unfounded accusation,” the Moscow Times quoted him as saying. He added that the U.S. presidential candidate’s comment was “unconstructive.”

Clinton said that countries like Iran, China, North Korea and Russia had been sponsoring cyber-crime against the United States while people were concerned about terrorist organizations “getting access to the capacity.” She said that the U.S. government as well as the private sector must recognize it as a “serious threat.”