Marina and Kevin Krim, the Manhattan couple whose two children were stabbed to death in their Upper West Side apartment in October, reportedly at the hands of their nanny Yoselyn Ortega, have announced that they are expecting another child -- a son. The couple shared the news in a post on the Facebook page of their charity, “Lulu & Leo Fund.”

“Hello everyone, We are very happy to let you know that Marina is expecting a baby in the fall. Nessie can't wait to welcome her new baby brother,” the couple wrote. “We are filled with many emotions as we look to the future, but the most important one is hope.”

“We are very grateful to you all for your amazing support,” they added.

The Krims, who have used social media to update friends, family and strangers following the tragic story, were greeted by hundreds of supportive comments, many from people they have never met. “'I’m teary-eyed reading this ... such joyful news!! I am so happy for you both, for Nessie and your families. This precious boy has chosen two amazing parents,” Susan Ruzzo wrote. “I've never been so happy for a complete stranger being pregnant! My warmest congrats!” Jennifer King wrote.

“This is the happiest magical news we all could hope for : ) This little boy is a symbol of so many things. Your hearts were broken, but you never let your spirit dwindle. You continued forward for yourselves, for sweet Nessie, for you families [sic]” wrote Nicole Rutkowski.

In October, Marina Krim returned home from her youngest daughter’s swimming lesson, to find the couple’s 6-year-old daughter Lucia (Lulu) and 2-year-old son Leo lying dead in their bathtub after Ortega, their nanny of more than two years, reportedly went on a stabbing rampage. Police who arrived at the violent scene said that Ortega used a kitchen knife to stab the two children, later turning it on herself in what officials have speculated was a failed suicide attempt.

Lucia and Leo Krim were rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital but pronounced dead on arrival. Ortega, who survived and is currently being held without bail at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, was declared mentally fit for trail in April, the New York Times reported. Ortega’s defense attorney, Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, has stated that she plans to challenge those findings.

Ortega faces sentences of life in prison for each of the murder charges.