Kris Humphries, 27, a former NBA player, has decided this is the right time for his newlywed wife -- socialite Kim Kardashian, 30 -- and him to have children.

Humphries, who has been married for less than two months, wants Kardashian to start family planning and pumping out babies, according to a report at

It is rumored this sudden urgency on Humphries' part is because of his wife's public lifestyle. It is likely that Humphries is only now realizing how busy Kardashian's commitments keep her.

I think he appreciates all the hard work that we do, while I run off here to go and do this and there is so much going on, that I think he finally gets it. He is like, 'Wow, they are busy nonstop!' Kardashian said Friday on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on 102.7 KIIS FM.

In addition, Kardashian's family is settled in Calabasas, Calif. However, Humphries is trying to convince his wife to settle down with him in a quieter environment.

In response, Kardashian is believed to have said that since Humphries is not yet sure which NBA franchise he will be playing for, the couple had not yet decided where to settle down.

Maybe we should just move to Minnesota where we could ... move into my little house on the lake, we could just start popping out babies, said Humphries to his wife, in a clip from Monday's two-night E! wedding special shows.

I seriously thought by the time I am 30, I want to have one baby, said Kardashian in the report by