As Lamar Odom tries to set his personal and professional life in order after news of his drug addiction broke, one of the major challenges to his basketball career will be posed by the Kardashians’ public relations machine, Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s former husband, believes, a source told Radar Online.

Humphries and Odom were not friends while the former was married to Kardashian, but Humphries “feels really bad for the guy and thinks the Kardashian public relations spin machine will have a negative effect Lamar’s NBA career,” the source told Radar Online.

Humphries’ show of support comes just days after reports emerged that Odom believes the Kardashians, excluding wife Khloe, were responsible for leaking stories about his drug use to the media.   

“Kris knows first-hand, as he was the victim of countless attacks by a tabloid website during his divorce from Kim. That same website has claimed Lamar was missing when he wasn’t, and this is just the beginning. There should be a support group for the former husbands and boyfriends of the Kardashians!”

Humphries has never been close to Khloe and Odom, but he believes the youngest Kardashian is the only genuine person in the family, and wants her to take a break from reality shows in order to save her marriage, the source said.

“If Lamar and Khloe are going to work on their marriage, while dealing with a potential recovery, they need to get away from the reality cameras. It only creates more chaos and drama, which is the last thing either one of them need right now.”

Odom is a free agent now that the basketball season is over, and according to a TMZ report, the Los Angeles Clippers are not keen to re-sign him since news of his drug abuse broke.

But, the Los Angeles Lakers have offered to save a spot on the team for Odom if he agrees to enter rehab and treats his addiction. “Lamar needs to go to rehab and he’s been told by the team that if he goes and completes treatment, there’ll be a spot for him,” another source told Radar Online.