Kurt Cobain’s life, music and untimely death are the subject of a comic book that is slated for an April 2 release by Bluewater Productions, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of his alleged suicide.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comic book is written and drawn by Jayfri Hashim and is part of the Tribute series. Past issues have featured other legendary musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Keith Richards.

"Not only is this a great way to understand the importance of his contribution to music, but it is a great tool for kids to read about him in a different medium," Darren G. Davis of Blue Water Productions reportedly said.

“The Tribute line of comic books tells the stories of people that have made a significant difference in the world while they were with us," he told The Hollywood Reporter. “It is a way for us to honor these people who have made a difference in the world.”

For the next Tribute series, the company plans to release books featuring Freddie Mercury and the members of Monty Python.

Cobain's biography feature will be published both in print and digital formats. The digital file can be downloaded on Wowio, ComiXology, Drive ThruComics, Google Play, My Digital Comics, OverDrive, iVerse, iTunes, Kindle, BiblioBoard, ComicBin, Nook, Kobo and on other eBook sites.

According to reports, police recently released never-before-seen photos from the Nirvana frontman’s alleged suicide in April 1994.

The 35 photos were taken by responding Seattle Police Department officers at Cobain's home with some photos showing his suicide note and other items, including his wallet and drug paraphernalia, which he kept in his cigar box.