Tyga’s former girlfriend, Blac Chyna, was heartbroken after watching the rapper kiss his current girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, in their PDA-filled music video “Stimulated.” Chyna, who has been feuding with Jenner since the latter started dating Tyga, could not control her emotions after seeing the couple close, according to reports, citing sources.

“Blac Chyna saw Tyga’s video and it felt like a punch to the gut,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Although it’s been a while since they have been together and she has seen the PDA pictures of Kylie and Tyga, watching them kiss really stung. He is her baby daddy and she will always have feelings for him. Seeing him kiss this little 18-year-old was hard for her to watch.”

Tyga, 25, and Kylie have been reportedly dating for months, but they didn’t go public with their relationship until the reality TV star turned 18 last month. Chyna and Jenner have been in an Instagram war for months, with both women posting photos showing off their bodies in order to gain Tyga's attention. Chyna was also accused of using her son, King Cairo, to get Tyga back in her life.

After watching the racy music video on Sunday, Chyna reportedly felt that Jenner should take kissing lessons from her.

“[Blac] thought Tyga and Kylie’s kissing scenes looked ‘amateurish’ at best,” another source told Hollywood Life. “It’s obvious that Kylie could use some kissing lessons from Blac Chyna. And if her awkward kissing is any indication of her skills in the bedroom, Kylie needs some more practice.”

Meanwhile, Chyna posted a PDA-filled photo with her rumored boyfriend, businessman Johnny Winn, the day Tyga and Jenner's video was released. The new photo gave rise to speculation that Chyna wanted to hit back at Tyga by getting close to another man.