Model Blac Chyna played a gross prank on Kylie Jenner after the former sneaked into the realty television star’s home without her knowledge, a source told Hollywood Life. The feud between the two has been ongoing since the 17-year-old Jenner started dating Chyna's former boyfriend Tyga.

The row escalated after Tyga reportedly helped Chyna break into Jenner’s home. Chyna reportedly went a little too far in her stunt to demean Jenner when she dipped the toothbrush of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star in toilet water. 

“She thought Kylie’s house was completely deplorable. It was just tacky to her,” the source told Hollywood Life. “She thought it cluttered and was smaller than a bathroom at an outdoor concert. When she washed her hands she saw Kylie’s toothbrush and it was all bad from there. She took the brush and swirled it around in the toilet water before putting it back on the toothbrush holder -- walking out like nothing happened. It was one of the most joyful bathroom experiences Blac’s ever had in her life.”

Tyga, who was recently accused of cheating on Jenner with transgender model Mia Isabella, landed himself in greater trouble after sneaking Chyna into his girlfriend’s house.

Another source told Hollywood Life that Jenner was furious with Tyga and could not believe that he would bring Chyna to her house without her consent.

“Kylie was p-----, absolutely p----- that Tyga would go behind her back and pull a b------- stunt like that,” the source reportedly said. “She told him she couldn’t believe he would betray her like that and how could he disrespect their new home by bringing that trash over.”

Chyna wanted to see the room Tyga had arranged at Jenner’s house for her son, King Cairo, and after inspecting the house, felt that the room was kid-friendly, Hollywood Life reported earlier Tuesday. However, she “almost threw up at” Jenner's taste, the report added.