The exclusive gated communities in Calabasas, California might need to ramp up security after both reality star Kylie Jenner and singer Drake, experienced break-ins into their properties on Christmas eve. The intrusions came just weeks after Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, also had an intruder inside her home in the Calabasas neighborhood.

According to TMZ, a man was arrested and put on psychiatric hold Thursday, after attempting to force his way into Kylie’s home. The man has reportedly been spotted in the property at least 10 times in recent days. This time, he became more aggressive and tried to force his way in.

No other details have been made available about the identity of the trespasser. He has since been released after being on psychiatric hold. In the case of Drake, his intruder was identified as 18-year-old Skylar Stevenson. She jumped over the gate on Drake’s property, and was arrested before she could enter the house. Drake, along with Kylie and the rest of her family, was one of the guests in Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve party. The bash was held in the same neighborhood. It is unclear if either celebrity was still at home when the intrusions took place.

Meanwhile, Kris herself, had to deal with a similar but more serious problem just weeks ago. A man was arrested inside her home, after entering under false pretenses. He led security to believe that he had a meeting with the prominent businesswoman and talent manager, and was even escorted directly to her home office. Luckily, Kris was able to alert her personal security detail, and the man was arrested before any harm could be done.