Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are feuding with each other over their respective modeling careers, Hollywood Life reported. However, Gossip Cop debunked the reports stating that the two sisters are not stealing each others’ spotlight in the modeling world.

“Kylie’s hired a coach to help her work on her walk so she’ll be ready to kill it on the runway,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Kendall is supportive to an extent, but there’s always competition between these two; if Kylie starts booking a lot of stuff it will become an issue. Modeling is Kendall’s thing and it always has been. She doesn’t love that Kylie suddenly wants to copy her.”

Kendall has been making it big in her modeling career, which saw a rise with her debut last month at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. However, Kylie is not far behind as she bagged a Vogue spread with Bella Hadid and Lottie Moss.

“It’s not just Vogue that’s come calling,” the source reportedly told Hollywood Life. [Kylie’s] getting tons of offers to be on magazine covers and it’s making her adjust her life goals. She still wants to act but for the first time she’s really considering modeling. Growing up it only seemed like Kendall had the goods to be a model, but Kylie is getting such positive feedback she’s really considering it as a career possibility.”

In October, Kendall revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan that she and younger sibling Kylie were jealous of each other. Kylie was annoyed with the attention Kendall received because of her modeling career.

“She’s [Kylie] a Leo so she loves attention, and at certain points when we were younger, it bothered her that I was getting attention in terms of my modeling,” Kendall told Cosmopolitan in the magazine's latest issue.

The 19-year-old said that Kylie made her jealous too. “I think that’s a natural younger sister thing -- to be jealous,” she said. “I was jealous of her sometimes too! But now she loves what I do and supports me. She’s very into fashion and always texts me when I’m doing a big show like, ‘That is the sickest thing ever! How were the clothes?'” Kendall said. “It’s as much a part of her life as it is mine.”