Tyga dropped his brand new music video "Dope'd Up" right in time for Halloween, and of course it stars girlfriend Kylie Jenner as his leading lady. The 25-year-old rapper premiered the video on Vevo Saturday.

The nearly 6-minute video is reminiscent of Michael Jackson's iconic "Thriller," and starts off with the 18-year-old "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star and the rapper in the backseat of a Rolls Royce when it breaks down in the middle of a deserted alley.

The driver gets out to fix the car but is attacked by a group of zombies, leaving Jenner and Tyga to flee to an abandoned warehouse. As the couple make their way through the eerie building, they encounter more zombies, creepy twins and possessed people climbing up walls.

The video ends with Tyga waking up from a nightmare in the backseat of their car, but then getting attacked by a zombified Jenner.

There reportedly was a bit of drama on the set of "Dope'd Up." Hollywood Life said Jenner had "WAGS" star Nicole Williams cut as the lead when she found out the model would star opposite Tyga. Jenner, supposedly, insisted she fill in.

“[Nicole] has been getting a lot of comparisons to the Kardashians, and all the comparisons probably created a bit of dislike from Kylie,” the source said. “Nicole was 100 percent cut from the video.” 

"Little Women: LA" star Brittney Guzman, who plays a poltergeist in the video, said Jenner was "very rude" while shooting scenes for "Dope'd Up,"

"She always has a stink face, doesn’t know how to smile," Guzman said. "She complains a lot."  

This is the second time the E! star has graced one of her boyfriend's music videos. In August, shortly after her birthday, Tyga dropped "Stimulated," which featured Jenner as his love interest.