Now that Kylie Jenner is coming into her own and finding her way in the fashion industry, she apparently feels that her older sister Kim is cramping her style. In a deleted clip from this week’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kylie talks to her sister Kourtney Kardashian about how she thinks Kim is stealing her ideas.

In the video, Kylie and Kourtney spend time playing with Kylie’s dog, Norman. Kylie starts to open up and tells Kourtney that Kim’s actions are bothering her.

Kourtney asks Kylie to elaborate, and Kylie explains that she had a photo shoot in the desert recently for her Teen Vogue cover. Shortly afterward, Kim had her own desert photo shoot for her website, and Kylie thinks that Kim's shoot was a lot better. Kylie also says that she has short hair and that now Kim has cut her hair short. She says that they take ideas from each other but now she’s starting to feel as though Kim is taking all of her ideas and improving on them, which is beginning to make her uncomfortable.

As the older sister, Kourtney points out that Kylie actually has long hair at the moment because of her extensions. She also encourages Kylie to speak to Kim about how she feels. She asks Kylie if she thinks Kim is being competitive and tells her that it’s typical of Kim to act that way and she should just speak up if it’s making her uncomfortable.

During her interview for the Teen Vogue cover in February, Kylie talked about possibly going blonde for the summer. The article pointed out that Kim unveiled platinum blonde locks in March, beating Kylie to it. Kim has since gone back to her signature brunette locks.

In the end, Kylie agrees with Kourtney, who tells her to feel flattered that Kim admires her style choices.

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