“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian rose to fame with her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J, but Kylie Jenner doesn’t want to follow in her big sister’s footsteps, despite what a report from Radar Online claimed Monday. Jenner is not going to release an X-rated tape with her former boyfriend Tyga in order to get attention.

The sex tape “scheme” is “total B.S,” an insider told Gossip Cop, a website that regularly debunks celebrity rumors. The teenage makeup mogul is not “desperate” for publicity, as Radar Online wrote. “It’s clear Radar Online remains desperate for clicks,” Gossip Cop added.

Of course, Radar Online told a much different story. “Kylie and Tyga made several raunchy videos during their relationship, and right before they broke up, they were talking about secretly releasing one,” an insider told the site Monday. “She wanted to stir everything up.”

The anonymous person added attention-seeking behavior is “all Kylie knows,” and since Kardashian shot to fame with her tape, “Why wouldn’t she want to do it?”

Jenner, 18, and Tyga, 26, split last week after more than two years together. Now, she’s with singer PartyNextDoor, whose real name is Jahron Anthony Brathwaite.  “The relationship started quite suddenly, but it feels right,” the Sun reported Thursday. “They are mad about each other.”

The couple got together after rapper Drake hooked them up. “The minute he heard Kylie and Tyga split, he told his boy he needed to connect with Kylie — and voila,” an insider told Hollywood Life in an exclusive report Friday. “It’s very hard to meet good people in this backstabbing industry, so when Drake sees good peeps, he does his best to bring them together.”

As for the former couple, they’re not on good terms. “Kylie and Tyga are not speaking right now,” a source told Us Weekly

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