Reality television personality Kylie Jenner is showing the world just how quickly she is keeping up with her famous older sisters. After having turned 18 last month, Kylie jetted off to New York and flaunted her relationship with rapper, Tyga, as she celebrated her Galore magazine cover.

Kylie appears on this month’s cover of Galore magazine, where she also gives an exclusive interview. The magazine also features a very racy photo shoot which features the young reality star. In the interview, she talked about turning 18 and how she feels that age is just a number. She also commented about how much criticism she and her boyfriend Tyga used to receive because she was underage.

Now that she’s 18, Kylie and Tyga comfortably hang out in public and show off a lot of PDA. He was by her side as she celebrated her Galore cover during a party held during New York Fashion Week. While in New York, E! News caught up with her and she spoke up about how nice it is to have her man by her side as she celebrated her cover.

Apart from Tyga, Kylie’s sister squad was also present at the party. A fierce-looking Kourtney Kardashian turned up in black leather pants and a bandeau top. Kendall Jenner took some time off the runway to join her sisters. Khloe Kardashian was also at the party, while heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian opted to skip it.

After spending a lot of time together in New York for Fashion Week, the Kardashian and Jenner girls joined forces once again on Monday. This time, they collectively launched their individual websites and mobile apps, which feature exclusive content that they personally curated.