Kylie Jenner’s family, especially her sisters, are worried Tyga will convince the 18-year-old reality TV star to have a baby soon, Hollywood Life reported Thursday. The Kardashians reportedly believe Kylie is “very influenced by Tyga” and she would have his baby if he asked her.

“Kylie is very easily influenced by Tyga. He’s God in her eyes and impressing him and making him happy is what she lives for. Having a baby right now is not what she wants -- not at all -- but her family is worried that could change in a heartbeat,” a source told Hollywood Life. “All it would take for her to change her mind is Tyga telling her he’s ready for her to have his baby. They’ve talked about it and joked about it, but if he asks for real, Kylie will have his baby. Or at least, her family worries she will.”

Kendall Jenner reportedly thinks that Kylie and Tyga’s relationship is “obsessive” and it has created a “bit of distance between” her and Kylie.

“Kendall is Kylie’s best friend for life and wants nothing but the best for her. She likes Tyga and is glad her sister is so in love and happy. But she is concerned at times at how far Kylie has fallen under his spell,” another source told Hollywood Life. “Kylie dresses the way he likes and does whatever he wants. When he’s around, she is on him like glue. The obsessive relationship they have has created a bit of distance between Kendall and Kylie at times, which never happened before.”

Meanwhile, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are reportedly telling Kylie facts about pregnancy to keep her from having a baby.

“The only way they can talk to her about it without getting her mad is to tease her,” another source told Hollywood Life. “Kim and Kourtney love to talk about the gross things that happen to your body when you’re pregnant and how messed up it gets after the baby’s born.”

Kris Jenner also reportedly warned her youngest daughter to be safe amid rumors that she is pregnant. Life & Style magazine, in its August issue, claimed that Kylie is two months pregnant.

However, Kylie loves the way she looks now and does not want to change that by getting pregnant, according to reports. Kylie and Tyga are reportedly enjoying their time together and give their relationship time before taking the big decision of getting married.

They are currently in a “trial marriage,” Hollywood Life reported Wednesday.