“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner was recently rumored to have had lip injections after she posted a suspicious photo to Instagram that exposed a red dot near her mouth, but now a new report claims the youngest sister of the Kardashian brood wants to go under the knife to compete with model sister Kendall.

The 16-year-old reportedly wants to get more than $85,000 (or £50,000) worth of cosmetic surgery to attempt to imitate her older sister’s model looks, Heat World reported Tuesday. Kylie is reportedly unhappy with her breasts, nose and chin and plans to turn to surgery when she turns 17 on Aug. 10.

"Kylie’s such a pretty girl, but she’s found it difficult that her sister Kendall’s modelling career has taken off so much more than hers," an insider told the magazine.

"Kendall is a natural born model. Kylie says she’s happy for her but, behind the scenes, all her friends know she’s jealous."

Apparently half sister Kim Kardashian has influenced the teenager’s view on plastic surgery. “Kylie idolises Kim and doesn’t think she’s as pretty as her other sisters, so she’s decided to do something about it,” the source said. “Kim’s all for it. She feels there are too many photos out there of her before she started her surgeries.”

In the past when she was accused of cosmetic surgery, Kylie said she was outraged by the insinuation. “These plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and are kinda insulting. Just in case anyone forgot ... I’m 16,” she tweeted, according to MTV Australia.

The socialite recently posted a head-less bikini-clad selfie to social media, which received over 800,000 likes. It led some to suspect she was trying to compete with Kendall, who is known for her body baring posts on Instagram.

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