Even as the FBI investigation is on to sack the criminals who leaked Scarlett Johansson's nude photographs to post it on the internet, an artist is freely posting the images on the streets of L.A.

Though Johansson's lawyers have strictly prohibited the display of images on Web sites after the actress contacted FBI to investigate the incident, the street artist known as XVALA, is least bothered.

Cory Allen, spokesperson for XVALA said, We're prepared for it. I've received a cease and desist letter, but they're never acted on when it's claimed as an art piece. There are a lot of hacked photos out there, according to E! Online.

On his defense, the artist is claiming to be strategically covering the unmentionables.

Even though he claims to be doing what is right according to his sensibilities as an artist, to have the freedom of speech and expression, many feel he is just another opportunist trying to get into the limelight when the time is ripe.