Brand recognition is big these days, and in the advent of luxury label temporary tattoos, it seems that a resident of Mexico has gone ahead and covered their dwelling in the omnipresent and always luxe Louis Vuitton logo. 

Branded La Casa Louis Vuitton in the blogosphere, not much is known about the brown and gold covered house, other than it is located in the Mexicali region of Mexico. 

The signature LV monogram covers the house in classic LV shades, although it is likely a knockoff stencil. Apparently the proud owner of the home allows photos to be taken and the pictures floating around the Web are originally from a Facebook page. 

The house is definitely fashion forward and creative, although most likely isn't officially licensed by the head honchos at Louis Vuitton. 

It does make you wonder if a House of Chanel is set to follow somewhere in the world, especially given Karl Lagerfield's love of licensing.