A new beginning and a new week, with a lack of fundamentals today from both Europe and the U.K; the markets will be waiting for the American session, as majors inclined slightly against the U.S Dollar though trading within narrow ranges so far, the Euro is being traded around the 1.4170s, Sterling around the 2.0340s, while the Yen is being traded around the 117.60s.

With no major releases coming out today from the Euro Zone nor Germany, the Euro recorded its lowest at 1.4160 in a pure technical movement and the highest at 1.4083.

As for the British Pound, it recorded a low of 2.0318 earlier today and inclined afterwards to set a high of 2.0354 noting the pair is being traded within narrow ranges.

While the Yen inclined against the U.S Dollar since the beginning of today's Asian session, as the USD/JPY pair recorded a high of 117.69 and a low of 117.50.