It comes as no surprise that Lady Gaga, who made her debut on The Simpsons Sunday night for the season 23 finale, brought along a myriad of outfits for her visit to Springfield, changing costumes a total of 18 times.

Known for bizarre outfits, producers for The Simpsons brought back old favorites for the Lisa Goes Gaga episode, like Lady Gaga's meat dress and pyro bra along with new ones, like the Hummingbird-Grammy dress.

According to producers, it took quite a lot of planning to get Gaga as a yellow animated character just right, with as many as 18 costume changes for the Mother Monster.

We did a lot of research, looking back at her old outfits, and she's really been in a million different things, had a million different looks. Of course, we wanted to parody iconic things like the egg and the meat dress, but we didn't want to do exactly the same thing, Executive Producer Al Jean told MTV. There's an outfit where she's wearing a sweatshirt and jeans that's meant to be Gaga incognito, but she has a giant blinking 'Gaga' sign lit up across the back. That was meant to be her incognito, but with the light-up sign, she's not hiding from anyone.

Lady Gaga srrives in Springfield on a train fashioned to look like a giant show, where she encourages the town of Springfield, namely Lisa, to just be who they are.

View the slideshow to see photos of the Mother Monster as a yellow cartoon.