Have you dreamt of hooking up with Lady Gaga? Now is the time as she confirms her relationship with boyfriend heavy metal drummer Luc Carl is over. Gaga and Carl have been dating off and on for years but the latest break up was revealed on the England’s The Graham Norton Show.

I don't have a boyfriend and haven't been on any dates recently, the 25-year-old said during an interview on The Graham Norton Show.

Rumors say that Carl was the one who initiated the break-up from the Bad Romance superstar. Others reported Gaga’s busy scheduled this past week for the France Cannes Festival performance ignited the split.

The couples have re-connected in the past, broke off, and then get back together. In a Rolling Stone magazine interview, Gaga spoke about her long-time relationship with Carl.

I've really never loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him…That relationship really shaped me. I sort of resolved that if you can't have the guy of your dreams, there are other ways to give love,” said Gaga.

There may be a possibility of the two rekindling their love, but for the moment Gaga is living the single life. Those dreaming of a date with Gaga can feel optimistic, though caution might be needed after her candid interview on Norton.

'I haven’t been on any dates recently because I have been working so hard and I get very bored very quickly with men,' said Gaga.