Twitter has spoken - Lady Gaga is a bigger star than Justin Bieber, with at least 10 million Twitter fans compared to Bieber who has only 9.6 million.

Pop queen Lady Gaga is now the Twitter queen - she's set a record by having 10 million Twitter fans, beating Justin Bieber by a whopping 400,000 margin.

Lady Gaga, who created a Twitter account in March 2008, announced this weekend, that she has 10 million fans on Twitter. In comparison Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has only 9.6 million followers.

The Bad Romance singer has also beaten US President Barack Obama - the only politician among top ranking celebrity Twitters. Obama has 8 million followers on Twitter. Britney Spears (7.8 million) and sexy pop star Katy Perry (7.2 million) rounded up the top five Twitter celebrities.

And now with Lady Gaga single and ready to mingle (she split from wannabe rocker boyfriend Luc Carl this weekend), her Twitter fans are bound to swell even larger.

One wonders whether splitting with Carl has something to do with Lady Gaga breaching the 10 million mark. What do you think, Little Monsters?