Behind the success of Lady Gaga and her stellar rise, she was always there. Yes, we're talking about Lady Gaga's choreographer and creative partner, Laurieann Gibson.

Gibson was in charge of choreographing 13 videos of Gaga including, Poker Face, which shot the singer into stardom and last year's single hit Telephone.

According to, the super-star has paid back by Gibson's hard work by severing their relationship after a 'bitter argument.'

Lady Gaga fired Gibson over the telephone and soon thereafter, Lady Gaga's spokeman said the pair's professinoal relationship was over.

There are no official reason given for Lady Gaga's sudden decision. But industry sources claim the clash of two egos - Gaga and Gibson - were building up for quite some time over serveral issues, such as Lady Gaga's two videos of Edge of Glory and You and I in which her stylist felt quite uncomfortable and uneasy over the singer using strong religious overtones.

And on one occasion Gibson also credited Madonna for inspiring Gaga' style.

A source said fighting over comparison between Madonna and Lady Gaga has been going on for years and Lady Gaga hates being compared to the Pop Queen. But ever since Gibson began likening Lady Gaga's style to Madonna's, she fell out of Lady Gaga's favor.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has appointed Richard Jackson as her new choreographer. Fans are now wondering how Lady Gaga will move forward without Gibson. More importantly, how the split with Gibson will impact Lady Gaga's dance performance.