Lady Gaga arrived in Japan donning her usual, as of late, green attire. She is in Japan to perform at the 10th Annual MTV Japan Awards, which will be held on Saturday.

The show will be staged as a live event benefitting the Japanese Red Cross and will be called the 'MTV Video Music Aid Japan.' It will be televised in Japan, South Korea, China, and Southeast Asia.

Gaga was seen in the UK this past week, where she wore a bald cap on the 'Paul O'Grady Show,' where the singer sang her ballad 'Hair.' Gaga also performed 'Born This Way,' 'Judas,' 'Edge of Glory,' and 'you and I.'

Gaga, who has been stretching her own limits lately by doing the reverse of what people might expect, opted for a simpler performance where the pop star played the piano, circled by a ring of fire.

Gaga wore a green dress that matched her green wig.

Gaga also performed 'Edge of Glory' with a head full of green locks during the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on Sunday. Imitating her music video, Gaga danced on a fire escape and fist pumped in a blank ensemble. The singer also performed her hit 'Born This Way.'


'Born This Way'

Watch a video from 'Gaga's little Japanese monsters which show appreciation for the singer in a 'thank you' video