This is a story, of not long back, when whom we call Lady Gaga today, was just another girl. She got a tattoo from reality star Kat Von D in her studio.

A video footage has emerged of the time when Gaga was getting the tattoo done in Los Angeles. This was before she released her début album The Fame which made her world famous.

The footage shows 22-year-old Gaga getting the art done on her lower back, and she certainly resembles the singer we know today.

The footage is even more interesting because both the artists had not gained fame back then and are chit-chatting, asking each other what they are working on and things like that.

I love your pants, Kat Von D compliments Gaga before asking her whether she is working on anything cool and interesting.

I'm a singer and also a songwriter for other artists, Gaga tells Kat. I worked with New Kids on the Block last night, it was rad.

I've been doing this since I was 14-12 years, Kat tells Gaga about her surprisingly long career in the tattoo industry.

Gaga is really impressed with the work that Kat finished on her back and says, That looks great, I love it.

Check out the video below of the singer and the tattoo artist involved in small talk while Gaga gets her tattoo from Kat in 2008.