After shocking her fans and upsetting the animal rights groups by wearing the infamous Meat Dress, what should be expected next from Gaga? A Bone attire? Possible.

Lady Gaga has been offered $500,000 to wear a dress made out of bones to this year's MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Lady gaga was seen wearing the controversial meat dress made up of £50 of raw Argentinian beef in the last year's MTV VMAs. The dress had upset a lot of her fans, as well as animal rights groups, and PETA (People for the ethical treatment of Animals), as a response to her meat dress had created a fashionable salad dress.

Now, to outdo her previous year's outrageous outfit, which sells barbecue meats and sauces online and has offered the "Born This Way" singer $500,000 (NZ$573,700) to wear the yet to be seen dress to the VMAs, an Nzherald report stated. is based in Ohio claims to have tied up with French fashion designers to come up with the creation.

They also claim that the creation will include make-up and accessories created from their gourmet barbecue sauces.

"We won't reveal the number of bones that it includes just yet," the company's CEO Lea Richards told E! Online but said that Gaga "would still be able to move in a normal fashion".

The VMAs is set to be held on Aug. 28, but there has been no word of confirmation on Gaga accepting the proposal.