Pop superstar Lady Gaga is on the top of the top 10 Girl-power kudos in Forbes World's Most Powerful Celebrities list.

The list include Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift. Gaga landed on top, giving Oprah the number-two spot. Last year, Oprah was on the top with LGaga came in fourth.

 'That's very nice, only Oprah is infinitely more important and influential than me. I am just grateful to have even ever met her, really.' Gaga said in an interview.

Gaga has earned over $90 million through touring the Gaga brand in one year , on the other hand, Oprah's earnings are about $290 million. They are both winners.

As of today, Gaga's power comes in equal measure via her over 34.3 million likes on her Facebook page and over 10.2 million followers on Twitter. On the other hand, Oprah has 5.7 million likes on her Facebook page and over 5.9 million followers on Twitter .

 'What matters most to me is how the fans feel about the work that I'm doing and the music. But it's always really nice to get compliments like that. I really appreciate it.' Gaga said.