Lady Gaga has taken to Twitter over the last few days to tease her 19 million followers with bits of information regarding her upcoming world tour, the Born This Way Ball, which will last from 2012 through 2013. Last night the pop queen tweeted that, Tomorrow at 11AM PST [Pacific Standard Time] the first tour dates for the BORN THIS WAY BALL will be released. An hour later she tweeted, Just finished my homework due tomorrow at 11. Feel like turning it in early. ;).

It looks like Gaga kept her word. With less than two hours to go before 11 a.m. PST her Twitter account has remained silent, but that didn't stop some of her tour dates from leaking early. This morning the Sydney Morning Herald posted an article celebrating the news that lady Gaga had announced multiple tour dates in the land down under.

Gaga Daily, a popular fan site, posted the dates for her Seoul performance in April, followed by five concerts in Australia throughout June:

April 27 - Seoul, South Korea June 13 - Brisbane, Australia June 20 - Sydney, Australia June 21 - Sydney, Australia June 27 - Melbourne, Australia June 28 - Melbourne, Australia

Earlier this week Lady Gaga also released the official Born This Way Ball Poster and a rough sketch of the arena she will tour with. According to her tweets the arena will include a Monster Pit relegated to the fans who have arrived first, waited all night, + dressed to 'Ball.' She added that every night Haus of Gaga will choose fans from the Monster Pit to come back stage + meet me! These tickets are NOT more expensive.

Lady Gaga's previous tour, The Monster Ball, grossed over $70 million dollars with 45 shows.