If the Poker Faced lady hasn't left you wide eyed with her unabashed demeanour yet, this time it sure will. Photographer Terry Richardson is planning a November 22 release of a coffee-table book on Lady Gaga unofficially called Gaga Book which will feature over 350 photos of the singer taken over the course of 10 months, Lady Gaga revealed to MTV News.

"Terry was with me for a whole year, and, gosh, I didn't hold anything back from Terry ... he was with me every minute, every moment," the "Born This Way" star said. "It's completely unfiltered. He has photographs of me waking up in the morning, brushing my teeth, in the bathroom, in the bathtub, the shower.

Gaga's description of the "uncensored" photographs covering her life doesn't disappoint fans, "He'd film me like, peeing in a cup and ridiculous things." Definitely sounds like something to look forward to.

"The thing about Terry, if you know anything about his photography, is that nothing is staged. He can get you to do things and he can capture things that no-one can ever capture," the 25-year-old funky queen of pop says.

"My favourite thing, honestly, is that [Terry] loved the fans. He shot the fans the same way he shot me: with no pretence. No 'Well, she's put out records and they haven't.' None of that. The music was all of ours," she says. "He would come backstage and he would say, 'Oh my God, the fans!' And I'd say, 'I know ... I know what you just photographed.'" "What I love so much about Terry is that he thinks everything is so beautiful. I'm always, 'Oh Terry, get out of here,' and he's like, 'Oh, it's so beautiful, let me just shoot it."

Gaga sounded happy about how her coffee-table book was readying for release, "I felt so comfortable with Terry. I love him so much. He's a really close friend, and I feel really honored that he travelled [with me]."

Now that's a book many Gaga fans can't wait to lay their hands on.