Lady Gaga released the long-awaited prelude pathétique to her upcoming Marry The Night video on Thursday afternoon.

Marry The Night will be Lady Gaga's longest music video to date, including the seven and a half minute-long prelude. The video will be even longer than her Beyoncé collaboration Telephone, which clocked in at 10 minutes.

The Born This Way singer teased her Twitter followers all afternoon Thursday before tweeting:

MARRY THE NIGHT: THE PRELUDE PATHÉTIQUE ?, adding a link to the video.

Earlier, she tweeted:

I will release 1 min 47 seconds & 18 frames of 'MARRY THE NIGHT: THE PRELUDE PATHETIQUE.'

Twitter went wild Thursday afternoon with the news and the term MTN Prelude is currently trending worldwide.

As her prelude went viral, Gaga was in the UK performing at a charity event.

Getting ready for Children In Need performance, ready to dance! she wrote Thursday morning. Will miss the UK so much, had such a lovely time with monsters! Paws up!

Gaga's latest single Marry The Night is released in full on Nov. 21 to coincide with her new DVD Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Gardens.

Though we are given very little details about the plot of the video, Marry The Night: The Prelude Pathétique follows Gaga as she narrates a trip through what appears to be a hospital.

She speaks of the shortcomings and fallacies of the world, making sardonic observations while chastising her nurses who seem normal but are wearing designer outfits and shoes. Just as things become overbearingly mysterious, the clip cuts out.

Stay tuned for more!

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