width=265 News and Living: Lady Gaga is probably just as well known for her infamous headgear as for her lyrics. The performer best known for her outfits is reportedly stepping into the fashion arena, not as head of her line, but as an intern for milliner Philip Treacy.

It seems that after wearing a Philip Treacy look onstage, the 24-year old fashionista signed up for the gig.

The request came through quite a while ago, Treacy's spokesperson told Vogue Tuesday. They get on well and she has applied for an internship although nothing has been confirmed yet.

It seems like just changing in and out of her distinct outfits would keep Lady Gaga too busy for an internship, but apparently the diva likes to have a lot on her plate.

Gaga is sick of her own songs by now. That's why she keeps changing her songs, costumes, sets, everything she does on each leg of the tour, an insider tells UsWeekly, She gets bored easily.

UsWeekly reports that Lady Gaga Lady Gaga is following in the footsteps of Kanye West, who worked with Louis Vuitton and Gap over the past year.