Lady Gaga has reportedly ordered crate loads of Neuro Trim, says the Mirror UK. Apparently, the over-the-top pop star had been using the stuff to curb her appetite during her international Monsters Ball tour.

Neuro Trim is a low-calorie diet supplement that contains green tea extracts and resveratrol, which supposedly has anti-aging properties. The makers of Neuro Trim claim that fiber from the Japanese konjac root swells to 200 times its size temporarily, causing the body to feel full. The drink also contains caffeine, for a short-term energy boost.

The drink has gained quite a celebrity following. Kelly Osbourne, Kate Hudson, and Cindy Crawford have all been spotted toting a bottle of Neuro Trim. However much stars like Lady Gaga lend creditability to the supplement, there is still little data supporting its marketing claims. We know Lady Gaga is dedicated to working out and also follows the 5-Factor Fitness program to stay in awesome shape.

  Reprinted from Dietsinreview