Kobe Bryant told the world that you can call him crazy, but he believes he's going to win against Dallas.

It's kind of like Sugar Shane Mosley believing he can knock out Manny Pacquiao.

Sure, both events could happen, but will they? Highly doubtful.

Game Four on Sunday will be a true test of character of the Lakers. Bryant still has his eyes on the prize, and it will be up to the other players to have as much gumption to consider this series up for grabs.

It's impressive that Bryant still believes, and won't roll over and die. It's the sign of a competitor.

The Lakers had hoped to play the Mavericks as Portland had given them trouble over the years. But nobody expected the Mavericks to come out as strong as they have. Rick Carlisle's squad has been playing over their heads, and should they win the series, it was would be well deserved.

If there was a team the Lakers were fearful of in the West it was the Spurs and the Thunder. Well, San Antonio is out, and things aren't looking good for the Thunder.

To lose to the Mavericks will be a painful blow to the Lakers organization. This season was supposed to be the victory lap for Phil Jackson, and likely the last season for fan favorite Derek Fisher.

Now, the season hangs in the balance. The Lakers coming back from three games down is certainly improbable.

Talk about a downer to what was expected to be a season of elation.

What could turn everything around would be a win in Game Four.

Should the Lakers muster a better effort, they can make the Mavericks doubt themselves. It would be 3-1, and with two games in Los Angeles, the Mavericks would basically consider Game Six in Dallas the last stand.

The Mavericks have been considered playoff disappointments over the years, and this would be the best way to end the talk of Dirk Nowitzki as a great regular season performer, and a bust when the games matter.

The Mavs faltered in the NBA Finals in 2006 when they blew a 2-0 series lead, and haven't done much since.

This might be their year. Dallas matches up well with Memphis and Oklahoma City, so a one more victory against the Lakers might mean another chance to erase the memory of 2006.

For Bryant and the Lakers this is gut-check time.

Andrew Bynum might be traded to Orlando for Dwight Howar should the Lakers lose, and if he values playing for the purple and gold, he will be at his best on Sunday.

There might be a major house cleaning for general manager Mitch Kupchak this summer if the Lakers lose this series.

Do the Lakers believe in miracles?

Or is Kobe Bryant crazy?