Lakers' head coach Phil Jackson can take a broad view of his team and do an inventory.

The Lakers are down 0-2 to the Mavericks in the best-of-seven series after losing twice at home. Ron Artest is suspended for Game Three. Andrew Bynum called out his teammates for having trust issues. Pau Gasol is having his worst playoffs of his career.

Aside from that, the Lakers are doing great.

Yes, there is drama in Hollywood. The defending champions look like a seventh or eight seed against the Mavericks, and didn't look so hot against the New Orleans Hornets in the first round either.

So it's literally back to the drawing board for Jackson.

He needs to run more plays for Bynum and Gasol. Though Bynum has been his typical self, Gasol hasn't, and the only way to get him back to where he was is give him more touches.

Then there's Lamar Odom. The 6'10 bench player probably needs to play 40 minutes tonight to take the pressure off of the perimeter players, and give the Lakers more of a rebounding advantage. He also deserves to get more assignments to guard Dirk Nowitzki since Gasol is having problems getting off the ground.

Matt Barnes will be filling in for Artest, but Barnes hasn't been effective. The defensive star needs to hit open shots as the defenses converge on Bynum and Gasol.

Then there's issues at point guard. Derek Fisher and Steve Blake had the reputation of being sharpshooters, but both have seen a lot of clanks this season. They should take less shots, and maybe look to penetrate more and dish. They also need to do a better job of staying in front Juan Jose Barea.

Finally, there's Kobe Byrant. Perhaps the most determined player in sports, Bryant has the will to lead this team back from this hole, but it won't be easy. Bryant will need to be on his game, and pass more. As talented as he is, Bryant has a tendency to make some silly mistakes, and the Mavericks may put him in the position to force shots.

Thought this series may look over, it really isn't.  The Lakers have the ability to take two games in Dallas.

GAME THREE PREDICTION: Bryant and Gasol each have big games, and the Lakers play better defense on Nowitzki. Dallas finishes off the first half strong, but the Lakers come back in the fourth. It won't look good, but the Lakers will get the win thanks to Bryant's late scoring run.

SCORE PREDICTION: Lakers 97, Dallas 93.