The latest Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors have the franchise committed to moving Pau Gasol, according to a report.

The New York Daily News reported on Saturday that the Lakers are finally ready to deal Gasol even if they have to take back less talent and that the most likely destination could be the Memphis Grizzlies, where Gasol's brother Marc currently resides.

It is unclear exactly what the Lakers could get in return from the Grizzlies for Gasol; though it is a possibility either Zach Randolph or Rudy Gay could be included in a trade. Gasol is a terrific player and would likely be reenergized by the possibility to play alongside his brother, but needs to be moved out of Los Angeles.

He posted career lows in points, blocks, and field goal percentage last year and as the Daily News noted, was the fall guy for their second-round ouster against the Thunder and previous playoff failures. Gasol gets blamed for many of the Lakers losses and both parties could benefit from a change of scenery.

Gasol has also been rumored in trades to the Chicago Bulls, the Houston Rockets, and the Atlanta Hawks.  

A proposed deal with the Bulls would move Gasol and his $19 million salary for a package that included forward Luol Deng. reported that Gasol would like to play for the Bulls in the near future and that he can't stand playing with star guard Kobe Bryant anymore. The move would improve the team's chemistry issues, while giving the Bulls another premier big man to pair alongside Carlos Boozer.

The Rockets have long been interested in Gasol, including putting together a package for him last offseason, and would likely offer an offer that included Luis Scola. Houston is looking for a cornerstone to build their team around and although Gasol, 31, is aging, he could still help guide the team to a deep run in the playoffs.

The Hawks appear to be the other interested party and could offer Josh Smith, who is in the last year of his contract.