Rumors swirled Thursday that Destiny Odom, daughter of former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom, tweeted about her father’s critical condition. While the messages she supposedly wrote were sweet, they were nothing but a hoax to fool the media, Gossip Cop wrote in an exclusive report Thursday.

Gossip Cop is known to debunk celebrity rumors, and has been staying on top of which stories about Odom are true and which are false. So when Hollywood Life ran a story about the messages, it determined the Twitter account wasn’t authentic. Instead, Gossip Cop called the site “Hollywood Lies.”

Some of the tweets Destiny supposedly sent read: “Soon I’ll be by your side and I’ll never let go. I love you daddy,” and “Please don’t leave us.” Another one said: “Never letting go.” 

The only family members who have made statements about Odom’s condition have been his estranged in-laws. Kendall Jenner tweeted, “please don’t go.” Kylie Jenner shared a picture of them smiling and wrote, “Let’s dance again together soon. Prayers up for Lamar, please.” Kourtney Kardashian shared a photo of Odom with her oldest son, Mason, and captioned the image: “Believing in the power of prayer for this beautiful soul.” Even Rob Kardashian, who normally remains quiet on social media, sent a message to his brother-in-law. “Praying nonstop for my Brother!” he said.

The only Kardashian members who haven’t made a public statement are Kim and Odom's estranged wife, Khloé, who has reportedly remained by his side since he entered Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Odom, 35, was found unconscious Tuesday with blood coming out of his mouth and nose after reportedly taking drugs. He has a 50-50 chance of survival, TMZ reported, but doctors aren’t sure if he’s going to make it.

Still married to Odom by a legal technicality, Khloé Kardashian is in charge of his medical decisions. The ex-NBA player is on a ventilator and she’s praying, a source told People magazine. "It's hard for Khloé. He is on his last leg," the insider said. "Everyone wanted to hope for the best, but nothing has changed. Now they are preparing for the worst."

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