width=187Dance-punk duo The Ting Tings shared a cover of Lana Del Rey's Born to Die on BBC Radio 1 Thursday, fusing the smoky lament with a surprising Skrillex sample. Sure the British pair of Katie White and Jules de Martino is known more for their to-the-wall dance-synth music; but they manage to pull off something really clever here. Check it out:

What's interesting here is the subtlety of the interpretation. The Tings definitely have the resources and know how to pull of something as thick and synthtronic as the original cut. Instead, they opt for a downplayed, downbeat-less acoustic version--until White drops the explosive sample of call 911 now from the dubstep Skrillex epic of the same name. It's a clever deconstruction of Lana's pro-produced and burnt-out vibe. It's also a composition style that lends to great SEO.

Here's the official original Lana Del Rey track.

And here's the Skrillex jam the Tings swiped the sample from.