Lana Del Rey continues to bring the controversy with her new video for her song, Blue Jeans.

In the black and white video, Del Rey spends most of the time in a pool wearing a vintage, white bathing suit. She is later joined by a tattooed male companion and a couple of alligators.

Del Rey and her male companion, model Bradley Soileau, seductively swim around the pool while the alligators swim under them.

The Born to Die caused an uproar last week when she tweeted a photo of the cover art for the single Blue Jeans. The picture featured Del Rey lying in the sand with Soileau's hand around her neck. Soileau's F**k tattoo could clearly be seen across his fingers.

The Blue Jeans' video was directed by Yoann Lemoine, who also directed the video for Born to Die.

Del Rey will perform on American Idol this Thursday. The performance follows her widely panned Saturday Night Live appearance, where she sang Video Games.