U.S. skier Langely McNeal claimed that she was disqualified from the Women's Skier X final at the X Games because of a Sarah Burke tribute on her thigh and a hairtie around her boot.

McNeal took to her Facebook page on Sunday night to complain about being disqualified for her tribute to the Canadian skier that passed away on Jan. 19th after a training session crash.

The French team just protested my Sarah Burke band around my thigh and a hair tie around my boot, McNeal said on Facebook. They disqualified me for the finals. To say Im heart broken is an understatement...trying to be graceful about the whole thing but it is a hard one to swallow.

McNeal claims that she had a single hairtie around her boot and was told she was disqualified for the Burke tributes, but an X Games representative claims she wasn't disqualified for the Burke bands.

It had nothing to do with the Sarah banner, Chris Stiepock, vice president of X Games events, told The Denver Post. It had to do with straps she had on both legs around her boots. I can quote from the rules: No straps or fastening devices or other methods can be used to tighten the suit material closer to the body.

We certainly feel bad but this has nothing to do with the Sarah banner. We have allowed all the athletes to wear those banners without stopping really anybody. This had to do with the fastening devices around her pant legs.

Not only does McNeal believe that she was within the rules for her clothing -- she says she even asked for a measuring tool for her pants -- but she takes issue with the timing of the protest right before the event final.

If someone had a problem with my clothing, they should've said something in training. I've been up there all week, McNeal told ESPN. It should be about skiing and not about clothing and strategizing some protest that has nothing to do with it.

The International Business Times has reached out to McNeal for further comment, but she has yet to respond to the request.

X Games has done its best to honor Burke, who died after a tragic Jan. 10th skiing accident. Burke was a four-time Winter X Games champion and had recently convinced the 2014 Winter Olympics to add super pipe skiing.