It was a novel way to teach business ethics, for sure; while a Powerpoint presentation ran in the background in Professor Jack Rappaport's class, three bikini-clad mini-skirted women gave the teacher facing the class a lap dance!

The incident occurred at the La Salle University at an extra credit seminar on business ethics, to attend which students reportedly paid $150.

Willing or eager students too received the favor, a sophomore who attended a class told ABC News, which also reported that the professor has since been suspended.

Rappaport is an assistant professor of management at the School of Business, and taught both undergraduate and graduate courses. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that he has attracted several comments on the website, from a great instructor to an easy A but perhaps the most interesting among these being Extremely strange man. Loves gambling, horse racing, and strip joints. Talks about all of the above all the time.

It is known that the professor did research the application of statistics into horse track betting and this often spilled into his lectures.

Following the controversy over the class, the Philadelphia-based university has issued a statement clarifying that it has launched a full scale investigation into what actually transpired and who was responsible for it. The university also said that while it was expediting proceedings, it would not be prudent to rush into any kind of judgment before careful investigation was completed.