She’s a face many are familiar with from “The Practice” or “Wayne’s World,” but Lara Flynn Boyle’s mug has been unrecognizable recently.

Boyle, 43, was photographed while shopping with her mother last week in Los Angeles, Calif., and looked dramatically different with a puffy face, lips and neck.

You could view the photo gallery of Boyle’s puffy face here at TMZ.

The actress, smoking a cigarette while carrying a shopping bag in the parking lot of Beverly Glen Market, appeared to have undergone plastic surgery recently, though this was not confirmed. TMZ reached out to friends of Boyle who said she is “perfectly fine” and “looked fantastic” two weeks ago.

Worst of all, as TMZ pointed out, it’s not just “one stray shot” where Boyle looked unrecognizable; A series of photos taken during the same outing – and from various vantage points – show Boyle’s face drastically different.

As Us Weekly reported, rumors have circulated “for years that she's undergone cosmetic procedures,” but Boyle has never publically addresses these claims.

Last year, Boyle was seen leaving a Los Angeles liquor store and sported what blogs called “Pillow Face” with a swollen face, likely from the use of facial fillers. In 2010, Boyle also sparked rumors of plastic surgery when she showed up to a film screening with a puffy face.

Even as recent as April this year Boyle has looked nearly unrecognizable. The actress gathered with former “Wayne’s World” cast members for a reunion in Beverly Hills and sported a much different face than fans of the 1992 film are used to.