International Yacht Races: The Newport Ocean Sailing Association

is sponsoring the 62nd Newport to Enseneda International Yacht Race.

The race begins at noon April 24 at the Balboa Pier in Newport. It runs

down the Southern California coastline and finishes in Baja. The event

is the world's largest international yacht race despite having a field

of only 272 boats this year. The race has normally averaged more than

400 boats in past years.

The boats competing in the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race

range from 18 to 80 feet in length, and there are a couple thousand

sailors that make up the 272 individual crews. The length of the

regatta is 125.5 nautical miles.

The fastest-rated yacht is Doug Baker's Magnitude 80, an Andrews 80.

The boat has finished first among mono-hulls the past two years. The

current speed-record holder for mono-hulls is Roy E. Disney's

watercraft, Pyewackets. In 2003, it set the record by finishing the

race in 10 hours 44 minutes and 54 seconds. This year Pyewackets II,

which is being captained by Disney's son Pat, is among the favorites.

The record for catamarans is six hours 46 minutes and 40 seconds. The

record was set in 1998 by the 60-foot Stars & Stripes, which was

owned by the late Steve Fosset.

The Fiesta del Vino is held in Baja after the race. An awards ceremony

is held in the courtyard of the Bahia Hotel on Sunday afternoon. Stay

tuned for the results.