Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources tagged the largest lake sturgeon in the history of the program.

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin lake sturgeon management program, which began in the 1950's, tagged 545 sturgeons, a record for the program. Within those 545 sturgeons tagged was the largest fish the program has ever tagged, reported NBC 26.

The record breaking fish was caught by fishing technician Ryan Zernzach, who, according to a statement on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website, made one last dip with his net to capture the last fish of the day,

The fish was estimated to be 125 years old, and biologists believe it was hatched when Grover Cleveland was President. The sturgeon clocked in at 87.5 inches and weighs approximately 240 pounds. According to DNR sturgeon biologist Ron Bruch, the female sturgeon had already released about 30 pounds of eggs.

Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources had been working on their annual spring Sturgeon survey when they caught their record sturgeon. Once the fish was tagged, it was released so it could finish its spawning cycle, reported NBC 26.

The lake sturgeon is torpedo shaped with a heavy body and short snout, states a fact sheet Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website. Lake sturgeons can be found in Mississippi, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

In late March South Carolina's Folly Beach was shocked when a mysterious sea creature, identified as an Atlantic sturgeon, washed up on their shore weighing approximately 800 pounds.