A video of Milwaukee Bucks star Larry Sanders’ bar fight has been released to the public.

Police cited Sanders for disorderly conduct and assault and battery in connection with an incident that occurred on Nov. 3 at Apartment 720, a popular downtown nightclub, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Authorities also released surveillance footage of the bar fight, in which Sanders appears to swing a glass bottle at several individuals.

While the exact details behind the fight have yet to be revealed, sources told TMZ that Sanders became upset when he was splashed by champagne from a group of individuals at a nearby table. Eventually, Sanders confronted the group, which consisted of about 10 people.

In the bar fight video, Sanders struggles to keep his footing while jostling with several nightclub patrons. At one point, the 25-year-old NBA center begins to throw glass bottles into the crowd; TMZ reports that one clubgoer claims to have been “gashed open” by a flying bottle.

Both charges against Sanders are municipal citations. The Milwaukee County district attorney’s office said it had no plans to issue criminal charges against Sanders. The citation for disorderly conduct carries a fine of $185 and the citation for assault and battery carries a fine of $366, the Journal Sentinel reports. A court date has been set for Jan. 21.

Sanders’ attorney, Michael Hart, claims that his client didn't instigate the bar fight.

“We are going to defend him,” Hart told the newspaper. “He has gotten a bad rap. The facts will bear that out.”

The fines aren’t the only negative result of Sanders’ role in the nightclub brawl. The 6-foot-11 center, who signed a $44 million contract extension in August, reportedly injured his right thumb during the incident. He underwent surgery in early November and is expected to return to action later this month, TMZ reports.

The surveillance footage of Sanders’ bar fight can be viewed below, courtesy of TMZ.