Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. has acquired its first set of passenger railcars for its Las Vegas to Los Angeles “X Train” project. After nearly two years in research and development on the logistics, the planning process has been nearly completed. This is the first major step in achieving their vision of a “Vegas style” passenger train system that will tap into the 12 million people who make the trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas every year.

The agreement for the purchase of the railcar set has been executed with Transportation Management Services with delivery to Las Vegas Railway expected this summer. The refurbishment of the railcars to turn them into the “Vegas” style that Las Vegas Railway Express has designed is set to begin this summer and scheduled to be completed in the 4th quarter of this year.

“X” Train Chairman & CEO Michael A. Barron said, “Our plan is to use this first railset as our operating prototype and as a model for future cars.”

The “X” Train refurbishment will not only include the overall contemporary styling surface changes, but will also include an entertainment packing consisting of a sports bar and a food and beverage service. The train will also offer rooms, transfer, shows, and incidentals for its passengers during the 5 ½ hour trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The initial plans for the “X” Train is planned to run Thursday through Monday with additional trips subject to scheduling as capacity will allow. The inaugural run is planned for late in the year of 2011.

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. was formerly known as Liberty Capital Asset Management (OTCBB: LCPM). On March 30, 2010 a press release was issued stating the name change. In that press release, Liberty Chairman & CEO Michael A. Barron was quoted as saying, “The name change from Liberty Capital to Las Vegas Railway Express or as we call it, the “X” Train greatly increases the visibility and focus of our new direction. We are enthused with this new opportunity and we look forward to publicly announcing our progress.”