Oh, no! Christmas is right around the corner and you still haven’t gotten everyone one on your gift list a present! But never fear, dear reader. We’ve whipped up the perfect holiday gift list for those who are seriously behind on their holiday shopping.

From DIY projects to last-minute tricks, check out 9 gifts you can give in a pinch:

1. For The Friend Who Loves Presentation

Preparing a gift basket is the ultimate way to solve your last-minute shopping woes. Not only do they make great, thoughtful gifts, but they’re also super easy to put together. All you need to do is pinpoint the hobby of your loved one.

For example, a wine connoisseur may appreciate a wicker basket full of wine, adorable wine stoppers, a cheese plate accompanied with a wine-pairing snack while someone who is interested in make up would fall head-over-heels for a mason jar or another crafty container filled with make up brushes, nail polish, glosses, etc …

2. For The Friend Who Loves Getting Mail

Give your loved one the gift that keeps on giving (at least for a few months) with a subscription . From a beauty subscription (like Birchbox or Ipsy), to an E-book one or even a Netflix subscription (seriously, they should stop mooching off your account already!), this gift will keep them excited long past Dec. 25.

3. For Your Fitness Friend

A great last-minute present to give to your friend who loves breaking a sweat is the gift of a good workout!

Do some sleuthing to find out when your gym buddy is free and sign the two of you up for fun, new fitness class like Soul Cycle, Fly Wheel, Barre, Bari, etc… Then find yourself an adorable Christmas tag ( like this one ), write the time, date and place of your next fitness adventure, and wrap it around a reusable water bottle.

4. For The Caffeine Lover

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a cup of Joe! So snag your friend a gift card to their favorite café and slip it inside a traveling mug so they can enjoy their coffee on the go while returning those other holiday presents.

5. For Your Friends 21 Years And Older

Time to get creative -- and buzzed! If your friend is a fan of festive drinks, then it’s time you introduce them to Baileys’ Hot Chocolate. Grab a mason jar and fill it with hot chocolate mixture. Then, top it off with a bunch of marshmallows and screw the lid shut. Now grab some holiday ribbon and wrap an airplane bottle of Baileys Original Irish Scream to the mason jar for a gift that’ll leave you friend feeling very merry!

We’ve got an idea for the beer-lovers out there, too. Pick your secret Santa up their favorite beer and turn the bottles into mini reindeers! To complete this look you’ll need a pack of googly eyes, brown pipe cleaners and small, red felt balls.

6. For Your Friends Who Love Getting Gift of Green

When in doubt, a card full of cash will do the trick.

7. For The Friend Who Wants Something Specific

When it doubt, prime it out. Amazon Prime offers free 2-day shipping, which means you still have a few days to access the world wide web of gifts. If you haven’t used the 30-day free trial (which we highly suggest you do), you can purchase a year worth of Amazon Prime for $99.

8. For The Friend With A Sweet Tooth

Baking is always a sweet way to wish someone a happy holiday. But if you’re not exactly Martha Stewart in the kitchen, that’s no problem. You can always send your Kringle the gift of corn -- popcorn that is!

Garrett Popcorn Shops offers handcrafted-gourmet popcorn that come in limited-time flavors, like Peppermint Frost and White Chocolate covered Caramel Crisp, for the holiday season. The tasty treat is also packed safely away in a festive tin case that’ll have your dessert-loving buddy filled with holiday cheer at first glance!

9. For The Friend Who Loves Netflix

As the weather grows colder, your Netflix-obsessed friend only finds yet another reason to stay in and binge watch their favorite TV series. So, why not give them a present to make their small screen experience even more epic?

Prepare them a Netflix care package complete with snacks, drinks, comfy attire, a giant wine glass and/or mug and, of course, a do not disturb sign!

What are your last-minute holiday gift ideas? Share your go-to gifts in the comments section below.