Last night, Brook Lopez hit a jump-hook against the Cleveland Cavaliers to seal a 103-101 victory for the Nets and increase the Cavaliers' losing streak to 17 games.

It's very strange the Cavs didn't double-team Lopez on this play given or make a greater attempt to foul him in this situation. While, the Nets bigman is a dependable foul-shooter though and it is likely he would have made at least one of the potential free throws, common sense dictates that you foul in that situation to avoid a potential game-winning bucket. The Cavs will have to learn from simple mistakes if they want to end the long losing streak in which they're currently mired.

Elsewhere, Rudy Gay of the Grizzlies performed some heroics of his own to take down the Toronto Raptors (who are stuck in a losing funk of their own) with this nifty fade-away jumper off the isolation play.

It's superstar, I-want-the-ball plays like this that have made Rudy Gay an exciting player in the NBA. While a loss is still a loss, Toronto fans can be marginally happy that their team played pretty good defense on that final play and just happened to come up on the wrong end of this game-winner.