An 8,000-square-foot Hollywood Hills home where actress Brittany Murphy died in 2009 has managed to escape the auction block at least for two more weeks as Murphy’s mother tries to sell the home at a discounted price. Murphy's mother, Sharon Murphy, inherited the house after Brittany Murphy's death.

Murphy died in December 2009 in the master bathroom of the home, and her husband also died in the home last May, both of pneumonia-related ailments.

The home was to be auctioned off this week but was postponed due to a possible seller stepping forward. The home’s asking price is $4.995 million.

Sharon Murphy originally tried to sell the home last March for $7.5 million but with no luck. The home was purchased from pop singer Brittany Spears for $3.83 million in 2003.

Source: “Brittany Murphy Death House Averts Forced Auction,” Reuters News (Jan. 31, 2011)