“Bloodborne” is a hard game and maxing out weapons is a very hard process. However, the latest update of the game shows that the developers of From Software are in a holiday mood, as Blood Rocks have now been added to the game’s Insight Store.

“Bloodborne” players know how valuable these Blood Rocks are, as they let players max out their weapons to +10 strength. Prior to the update, these stones were hard to find in the game. Only one was given to the player during his or her playthrough, while one more was given in “The Old Hunters” expansion, as mentioned in an article from Game Informer.

While having more of these items is definitely a good thing, the Blood Rocks are nowhere near cheap. According to Polygon, one Blood Rock costs 60 Insight, so players are going to have to grind quite a bit to get a Blood Rock or two. Still, if it helps them defeat a boss or a really hard enemy, then the price should be worth it.

Previous updates for “Bloodborne” were very useful, as they not only fixed a number of bugs plaguing the game, but they also made things smoother and better for the player. Loading times for example, were decreased significantly after one patch, while item capacity also increased.

These updates only helped “Bloodborne” become one of the best games of 2015, with numerous award nominations. While it didn’t win the Game of the Year award during the 2015 Game Awards, the fact that it was nominated shows how popular the game has become.

Of course, it wasn’t just the updates that made “Bloodborne” a good game. That can be attributed to the game’s balance between challenging and difficult, with rewards that would satisfy most players after beating all these monsters and bosses.

“Bloodborne” can be purchased right now on the PS4. The game was also re-released recently, as “Bloodborne: Game of the Year edition,” which comes with “The Old Hunters” expansion pack. Those that already have the original game can purchase “The Old Hunters” on the PlayStation Network for 19.99.

Bloodborne Debut Trailer | Face Your Fears | PlayStation 4 Action RPG (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)