It may not be practical, but fashion seldom is when it looks so

chic.The latest fusion of music and fashion appeared on the runway when

Karl Lagerfield debuted the Chanel Guitar.

The guitar may be too much for the average musician, but for a luxury music-lover, it is just right.

As classic as the Chanel brand itself, the guitar is a black

instrument, with Chanel discretely spelled out across the front. The

strap is elegantly striped in brown white and black with intertwining

C's in leather where the strap attaches. The most elegant piece of all

is the guitar's case, in Chanel's signature quilt pattern and in

stylish white. For those more interested in guitar than in the Chanel

insignia, it is worthy to note that the guitar has an unusual forearm


The guitar made its debut at Paris Spring 2009 Fashion Week.

The black nylon string acoustic retails for a mere £2800, including the

bag and strap.

When explaining the stand-out accessory, Karl Lagerfield says,

Coco Chanel had an affair with Stravinsky, mine was with a guitar.

The guitar accompanied models wearing rock n' roll inspired frocks with metallic and shimmering accents.

If you're on the lookout for a signature Chanel piece from the

Spring 2009 collection, the black guitar that drew so much attention is

certainly it.